Why You Should Get the Le Lift Facial (Sculptural Lifting Facial)

Our Le Lift Facial is an anti-aging lifting facial that gives the illusion of a facelift without surgery or injections thanks to a deep work of facial muscles. 

This treatment gives the prolonged effect of a natural facelift, neck and cleavage lift without going under the knife or the side effects of injectables and the risk of complications.

The Sculptural Face Lifting Facial Method used in the Le Lift Facial stimulates the body's internal resources for natural rejuvenation, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, and increases microcirculation.

There are two techniques used in the Le Lift Facial:

  • SCULPTURAL Technique (Lifting): Careful facial manipulation outside on the surface of the face, neck and the neck line.
  • INTRA-ORAL Technique: Strengthens and tones muscles that are unreachable with external massage.

With this facial we recommend to continue using Vie de Mer LIFT IT UP series at home.

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Stem Cell Cream

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