• Contact lenses should not be worn until the swelling subsides.
  • Do not use any eyelash tinting or other coloration for at least two weeks after the procedure.
  • Tea bags or ice packs may be used to minimize swelling the day of and the day after the procedure.
  • Use Aquaphor or white petroleum (Vaseline®) around the treated area for four days following the procedure.
  •  Do not wear mascara for at least four days post procedure. When the use of mascara is resumed, use ONLY new unopened mascara, in order to avoid contamination and infection and only apply mascara only to the tips of the eyelashes.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers during the healing process.

Eyeliner Micropigmentation Healing Schedule

If you’ve never had micropigmentation before, there are a lot of unknowns. One of the most common questions we’re asked is what to expect during the healing process. While every person is different and some heal more quickly or slowly than others, here’s generally what to expect:
Temporary side effects from micropigmentation include but are not limited to: redness, swelling, puffiness, bruising, dry patches and tenderness.
You should expect to lose approximately 1/3 of the initial color during the healing process. We have selected the optimal pigments for you with this in mind. In approximately six days it may appear too light. After about 10 days, the color will show more. It will appear softer when completely healed.

Day 1

For most individuals swelling is minimal and decreases rapidly. In some individuals the eyes may appear to be swollen and sore, like you have been crying, with a heavier eyeliner makeup look. For the first 3-4 days, the color is darker than it will appear when healed.

Apply a light gloss of Aquaphor® or white petroleum jelly (Vaseline®) sparingly to the treated areas with a clean cotton swab. Too much ointment makes the swollen area too wet. Use the ointment in the morning and evening. A third application is fine if needed, but don’t over use. Clean the eyes In the evening with clean water and a tissue.

Day 2

The eyelids could possibly be swollen for a few hours after waking up, still with heavier makeup look.
When you wake up, refresh the treated area with cool water. Tissue dry and re-apply ointment. If the eyes are swollen and sore they will likely improve throughout the day. In the evening, gently cleanse with cool water, tissue dry, and re-apply ointment.

Day 3

You may feel a tight feeling. The top layers of skin begin to lift away. Any minimal soreness will fade even more as the treated area begins to exfoliate. A rough texture may be felt on the skin. Use a small amount of ointment if needed.

Day 4

Some itching is normal as the skin begins to flake. When the eyeliner area begins to exfoliate, do not pick at it! Discontinue ointment. It will flake off with the movement of the eye.

Day 5

Color is somewhat grayish and will take a few more days to clarify to full color. The pigmented area begins to shrink and soften in size and color over the next few days.
Exfoliation completes. The color will appear a bit “frosty,” but will clarify in a few days.

Day 6

The color has lightened from its initial overly-dark appearance. For the next few days, the color may now be lighter than what the final color will be.

Day 10

The final color begins to stabilize and show through. The color will continue to soften as the healing process completes.

Eyeliner Makeup

The cost of treatments includes one FREE touch-up within 2to 3 weeks of initial procedure. We strongly suggest that all clients schedule a follow-up appointment. The touch-up appointment is intended to fill in any areas that may have been discolored during healing process. Final results cannot be determined until follow-up touch-up appointment is completed. Pigment retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure and other factors. Annual touch-ups are recommended to prevent natural fading.

  • Top Liner
  • Bottom Liner




  • Top Liner  $295
  • Bottom Liner  $150
  • TOP & BOTTOM LINER  $395

Before Care

  • Do not apply eye makeup before or after procedure.
  • Do not consume alcoholic/caffeinated beverages on day of procedure.
  • Do not take any non-vital medications that may thin blood 24 hours before procedure. Including certain vitamins and supplements.
  • Skin that keloids
  • Sunburned skin
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding (service can be done on a person who is
  • Breastfeeding if they “pump and dump” after service and prior to feeding)
  • Open wound on eye
  • Active conjunctivitis/ pink eye
  • Lash-extensions can’t be worn and it is recommended to wait until 2 weeks after touch-up to apply lash-extensions
  • Wait 3 weeks after botox/fillers before having any permanent makeup treatments

After Care

  •  Day of procedure: Ice on and off to prevent bruising/swelling.
  • For 2 weeks: No tinting, perming or extensions on lashes.
  • Wear sunglasses/hat to shield the area from the sun when you go outside for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid swimming, tanning, steam rooms, or Jacuzzi for two weeks.
  • No makeup over the area for two weeks.
  • Some redness/swelling/slight bruising and slight itching during the healing process post-procedure is normal. If you experience heavy itching, extreme swelling, blistering, or any other complications within the first 24 hours post-procedure, stop using your after-care product immediately. If symptoms continue, or you experience abnormal swelling/redness or shortness of breath/trouble breathing go to the closest hospital ER immediately you may be having an allergic reaction to the pigment and/or the aftercare product you are using

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