What Are The 3 Rules Of Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Rule 1: Do your research! You will get what you pay for with semi-permanent makeup, so you shouldn’t take any chances. Just because a place down the street offers it cheaper, chances are it will look cheaper too. Look at before and after photos and check out Yelp reviews.

Ditch Your Razor! How to Find the Best Waxing Salon In Your City

Need the best wax in Los Angeles? Come visit Temptress Cosmetics in the El Segundo/Manhattan Beach area at 730 S Allied Way, EI Segundo, CA 90245, USA | Book an appointment online:

French Skincare Routine: Vie De Mer Masterclass

Learn a French Skincare Routine Using Vie De Mer Paris Skincare with RPK and Jenny Gallagher | Free 45 Minute Master Class Recorded LIVE at Temptress Cosmetics in Los Angeles

Why You Should Get the Le Lift Facial (Sculptural Lifting Facial)

Our Le Lift Facial is an anti-aging lifting facial that gives the illusion of a facelift without surgery or injections thanks to a deep work of facial muscles.  This treatment gives the prolonged effect of a natural facelift, neck and cleavage lift without going under the knife or the side effects of injectables and the risk of complications. Th...

Eye Cream VS. Eye Serum

At first glance, they may seem more or less the same, but there is a difference — and it’s an important one. The purpose of an eye cream is to moisturize but it can also help diminish dark circles and fine lines. However, a good eye cream should also help smooth out fine lines, reduce puffiness, restore a youthful glow, and help rebuild firmn...

Why Do We Need Retinoid as our Evening Skincare Routine?

VITAMIN A aka RETINOID aka WRINKLE FIGHTER and Firmer and Sun Damage Remover is one of the most important ingredients as your skincare routine!