Ditch Your Razor! How to Find the Best Waxing Salon In Your City

Ditch Your Razor! How to Find the Best Waxing Salon In Your City

Hard wax is used on our Brazilian, bikini, and underarm waxing services, etc...you name it! Ditch your razor and book your waxing appointment at Temptress Cosmetics in Los Angeles now: https://temptresscosmetics.com/pages/services-waxing

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Introducing #WaxChat with Karli 👋

Q: What do you specialize in?

A: I specialize in hard wax which is where the wax just adheres to your hair and not to your skin. It looks more like jelly. So when you put the strip on, I'm going to try it on my arm. The substance, it is like gooey. It's not going to stick to the skin as much. It is just going to stick to the hair.

With hard wax, you really have to be careful with how you your'e applying and it is definitely a technique-based wax. 

Q: What is your # 1 tip for people looking for a waxer/waxing salon?

A: Along with an array of other things, keeping a clean space is always important when waxing. Here at Temptress, we use all medical-grade equipment, supplies...all of that. And everything is disinfected. We also never, ever ever double dip. Double dipping is horrible. It can cause infections. So we use a new stick for every strip of wax we are applying. It may seem wasteful, but everything is biodegradable. We also use disinfectant made for the skin.

Q: Why is hard wax the best wax to use?

A: The wax literally hardens on the skin. It is a stripless wax even though there is a strip. It seems confusing. But say, when you go to nail salon, they are applying a wax and a little bit of paper on top then pull the paper. With that wax, you only have one shot to get the hair.  If you don't get it in that one shot, on the next strip, you are going to take the skin off.

Need the best wax in LA? Come visit Temptress next time you are in El Segundo/Manhattan Beach area at 730 S Allied Way, EI Segundo, CA 90245, USA | Book an appointment online: https://temptresscosmetics.com/pages/services-waxing

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