What Are The 3 Rules Of Semi-Permanent Makeup?

  • Rule 1: Do your research! You will get what you pay for with semi-permanent makeup, so you shouldn’t take any chances. Just because a place down the street offers it cheaper, chances are it will look cheaper too. Look at before and after photos and check out Yelp reviews.
  • Rule 2: Find a reputable business & artist. The only thing women need to do to get the best results, is find a reputable business. It’s so important you find a reputable artist that you trust to perform the treatment. Once known for an unnatural finish, the semi-permanent treatments look very natural when performed properly. Eyebrow hairs are mimicked with light, fine strokes. Not a blocky brow in sight!
  • Rule 3: Don't cheap out on this service. Many women are making the mistake of looking for cut-price offers and going to the cheapest artist . Many of these artists have little to no experience. You’ll always be able to tell the difference between a cheap treatment and a pricier, reputable treatment. Finally, the treatment should always be performed in a sterile environment too, as a needle is being used on the skin. If an artist says they will come to your home, don’t do it!

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